Not an ordinary cocktail competition
Not an ordinary cocktail competition

Not an ordinary cocktail competition

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The Competition

Mediterranean Inspirations is walking away from the formal competition format. We firmly believe that there is so many other ways to share and enjoy once you reach Vila Mare in Ibiza. You will be part of our unique way of sharing values, of connecting with new people and improving your skills, whilst spending quality time with some of the most relevant gastronomic and liquid geeks of so many different areas of expertise.

It’s all about getting inspired by your recipes with Gin Mare, the unique & authentic Mediterranean Gin.

How to participate

  • Search for your unique inspiration from the core values of the “Mare Nostrum” and express your inspiration into a liquid offering (Cocktail).

  • Introduce yourself on the microsite along with your recipe for your Mare Nostrum cocktail. Remember that it must a be low alcohol (35 ml Gin Mare max) libation, no more than 6 ingredients and displaying a distinct and recognisable Gin Mare profile.

  • If you qualify for the national finals you will then be asked to present your Mediterranean Gin & Tonic drink (we will contact you to let you know).

  • Should you classify for the international final, we will set you one last challenge; you will have to prepare the perfect drink for your Gastrobartender challenge in the global finals in September at Vila Mare Ibiza.

National Finals

  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong

    Entry deadline: 15th May.

    Final: 27th May.

  • Singapore

    Entry deadline: 05th May.

    Final: 20th May.

  • USA

    Entry deadline: 01st July.

    Final at Malibu C.A: 05th August.

  • China

    Entry deadline: 05th July.

    Final: 22th July.

  • Australia

    Entry deadline: 15th July.

    Final: 29th July.

  • Mexico

    Entry deadline: 14th June.

    Final: 1st July.


Ibiza (Spain)

2nd till September 5th



Gin Mare will make the following items available for all competitors in the International Final in Ibiza:

  • Mediterranean Gin & Tonic: Balloon Cup with a capacity of 500 ml.
  • For both the Mare Nostrum Cocktail and the Gastrobartender Drink, contestants should bring 2 identical pieces of their own glassware per presentation.
  • A professional bar kit.
  • Ice: regular cubed ice and crushed ice will be provided. “Shaved, cracked, spheres or sculptures” will be the responsibility of the individual contestant.


Should a contestant need to use a specific item of equipment not considered to be part of a professional bar kit, they will have to bring it with them.

For the International Final in Ibiza, the organisation will TRY to provide some of the fresh ingredients provided they are requested with ONE WEEK’S notice. We recommend the finalists bring their own liqueurs, syrups, or other specific requirements, as it can be difficult to find some elements in Ibiza.

For the International Final in Ibiza the organization will provide flights with 1 piece of checked in luggage allowing them to bring as many fresh ingredients or liquids as necessary.

Rules And Requirement

    • Open to all bartenders of all nationalities who currently work at one of the 7 countries mentioned below.
    • A medium / high level of spoken English is essential as all national finals and the international final in Ibiza WILL be conducted in English.
    • All participants must be at least 21 years old.
    • Participation is limited to people who are currently employed as bartenders in an establishment that is currently in operation.
    • Participants must not be working for a brand of gin, such as being an ambassador or consultant or have related paid work with other brands of gin or rival categories.
    • Gin Mare – Mediterranean Gin and any of its importers worldwide have the rights to use recipes, photos and videos of the participants in their brand communication.
    • All participants will present one cocktail (Mare Nostrum) along with their contact information by creating a profile on the *(*) Your recipe must be complete and communicated correctly before each stage of the competition or your entry will be deemed invalid and will be automatically cancelled.


  • Dress code at the national and international finals is trendy / casual but Mediterranean!
  • You and your cocktail presentation will be judged on the following criteria as well as your inspiration taken from the brand: Taste, Balance, Aroma, Appearance, Elegance, Methodology (hygiene / diction / body language / speed / accuracy / cleanliness / timeliness).
  • Each recipe must contain a minimum of 40ml of Gin Mare – Mediterranean Gin (except for the “Mare Nostrum” requirement of 25 ml of Gin Mare) and this should be the base ingredient and must be recognisable in the final result.
  • The maximum number of alcoholic and nonalcoholic ingredients in the Mare Nostrum Cocktail is limited to 6, including syrups, fruit juices, dashes of bitters, etc.
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks ARE allowed.
  • 1724 Tonic Water will be the only tonic chosen to prepare the Mediterranean Gin & Tonic.
  • The recipe must be an original creation of the entrant and must be expressed in milliliters; while smaller amounts are to be expressed by dashes or drops.
  • Homemade ingredients are permitted but they must be easy to replicate in events or locations that are not specialised in high complexity cocktails.
  • Participants should bring their own glassware for the Mare Nostrum Cocktail and for the Gastrobartender Drink (bring at least 2 identical glasses for each cocktail for presentation to the panel of judges).
  • Participants will have 2 glasses provided by the organisation for the Mediterranean Gin & Tonic. This CAN NOT be replaced by any other type of glassware.
  • The ingredients can be measured in jiggers or can be served freehand.
  • Each participant will have a maximum of 5 minutes to create each of their cocktails including the assembly of decorations.
  • You are free to choose the decoration and presentation of your drink but keep in mind the Mediterranean spirit of the competition.
  • Fruits, vegetables, sweets or candy, herbs, flowers and / or related elements such as leaves, stems, seeds, can be used as ingredients.
  • Recipes previously presented in prioir editions of Mediterranean Inspirations (either preliminaries or finals) are not valid. Also, if a recipe has been presented to other spirit brand competitions, it will be rejected.
  • Seven bartenders will participate in the international final in Ibiza. There will be one finalist from each of national finals.
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